Why food hub?

The food hub was created to bring together the many facets of our culinary world. Classic recipes meets revolutionary cooking techniques. Fun food events to serious world wide concerns. If you share a passion in food then you will find something of interest on these pages.

The Story so far…

I have always enjoyed eating and cooking so when the opportunity to study at Leiths school of food and wine presented itself I┬ádidn’t hesitate to move to London and have a taste of the culinary delights it had to offer. Working and eating my way around the capital was my way of life and I eventually ended up where I started, teaching at Leiths.

I spent many happy years sharing what I had learnt and nurturing young and old passions for food at the school which I still consider my family. Inevitably I fell in love not only with food, my food family, but also with my wonderful husband and a family grew around us.

We made a tough decision to leave the bright lights of London and head back to the cooler climate and beautiful surroundings of Durham. Doing the odd private tuition here and catering jobs there, the passion of sharing the world of food still stands strong hence the creation of the food hub.

Next Steps…

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Phil Elliott